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"With a picture of all my clothes, I want to see for myself and try to understand the value of each garment and what meaning they actually have." -- Pia Mouwitz

HV Galleri in Stockholm is holding a exhibition "Nothing To Wear" created by Pia Mouwitz, University of Borås Senior Lecturer on textiles and fashion.  "NTW" addresses the old adage we have all uttered when staring at our wardrobes, "I have nothing to wear". Mouwitz took this to the next level, she photographed her entire wardrobe and created a contact sheet of sorts to analyze this prevalent condition (or question) is this really true?  With this fascinating visual study, Pia seeks to find the value of each piece of clothing in the greater landscape of her collection of garments.

Swedish Fashion Week is on now until February 6th.

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