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PRADA Women's FW2015: "Infinite Palace" By AMO

For the Prada FW 2015 Women’s fashion show, AMO converts PRADA's existing Milan show space into a series of chambers or 'Enfilade' where openings are aligned creating a journey of experiences and variations on a theme referencing the style of 16th Century Mannerism. 

Expanded metal grating denotes spatial transition between the rooms as well as concealing/complimenting the industrial lighting above while key zones of the 'runway' floor are marked with industrial diamond plate inserts of various shapes.  The audience seating is arranged at each room's perimeter creating an intimacy as the models pass through. The muted color palate in varied degrees play light and shadow within the space and contrast (whether intentional or not) the dynamic and static participation of model and audience.

Images ©OMA/AMO