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Krona o Stjärna Developing watch that tells time in "Real Time"

Our Passion

We at Krona o Stjärna have always found timepieces fascinating.  Whether they're mechanical or electric, large or small in size, purpose built or budget, our passion for the design and manufacture watches is why we have set off on this venture.  In a world where forward-thinking technology is the order of the day and in some cases where you need a phone to actually operate one, we though we'd push the envelope and come up with a solution that tracks the hours, minutes and seconds of the day...get real time. That's 

Time the way YOU want it, NOW!

No longer will users be saddled with what the weather is doing in London next week, or flight times from LAX a month from now.  Some of us are bucking the trend and using these specialized instruments that actually tell   With up to the minute features such as hands (hours, minutes and seconds) you'll never again confuse Candy Crush with a calculator. You'll be presented with the time almost immediately after looking at your wrist!  Without pushing any buttons. Amazing!  

"What time is it now?-- 8:05..." "...and how about now...?"--It's still 8:05..."  Brilliant!

To find out more about this Everyday Object, head over to and pay the team at EO-2 a visit, it's well worth the trip.