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2017 Volvo V90 Estate Also Headed to U.S. Shores

We'll believe it when we see it...

Estate cars are now considered a 'niche' market here in the U.S.

While the 'Estate' platform is extremely popular in Scandinavia, its American 'wagon' counterpart is an otherwise stigmatized form factor that harkened back to the 60's and malaise-era 70's, and has had a hard time penetrating the seemingly unstoppable SUV market.  With a community predominantly located in the northeast, estate or 'wagon' owners tend to be an eclectic bunch and typically march to the sound of a different drum.

Volvo returns with the V90 that is a study in taste, style and elegance that may attract a part of the luxury SUV segment looking for more comfort, usability, stability, better emissions and consumption.  Taut exterior shapes and pale yet finely finished interior features make this a very strong package to consider; suffice it to say you may not see yourself at the traffic light. 

With a reported 410 bhp and 31-mile electric-only mode, the V90's capability only adds to the 'stealth' appeal of the luxury estate.