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How to Make a Nation: A Monocle Guide

Media powerhouse Monocle have teamed up with German publisher Gestalten to continue their Guide Series focusing on how to properly build a nation.  This latest guide touches on all key aspects of what a strong, civil and forward looking country should look like.  It curates the best parts from countries all over the world; from housing, to natural resources, healthcare policy and military might, to education, commerce, and societal welfare. These crucial aspirational elements are combined to create a country that anyone would dream of gaining citizenship or leading as Head of State.  Head over to Gestalten and order your copy.

Also, do take a look at their previous Guides to Better Living and Good Business.

Price: $60.00

Krona o Stjärna to partner with Royal Swedish Space Institute to increase supply of Crowns and Stars

Stockholm, April 1, 2015-


Lifestyle and Design company Krona o Stjärna have signed a 3-year agreement with the Royal Swedish Space Institute (Kungliga Svenska Rymdinstitutet) to explore outer space and keep secure the world's supply of Crowns and Stars.

"This is an ambitious undertaking, but the Institute's partnership with KoS will ensure a steady supply and further exploration of Crowns and Stars for decades to come." - Bengt Bengtsson, press secretary, KSRI, Stockholm

We at Krona o Stjärna are proud to be involved in such a worthwhile, important, and for that matter, rather stylish endeavor and look forward to bringing these precious gems, jewels, experiences and objects safely back to Earth and our ever-growing following around the world.

-Krona o Stjärna | Life, Style, Outerspace.™

Monocle Quality of Life Conference, Lisbon 2015

Monocle has created an event that is not to be missed.  The MONOCLE Quality of Life Conference gathers in Lisbon, Portugal from 17-19 April, 2015.  The MQLC covers everything from architecture, retail and entrepreneurship to city planning and national branding.  Attendees will be able to mix and mingle with the many great leaders, thinkers, influencers and entrepreneurs scheduled to participate. Various discussions include innovative home building, typography in urban planning, urban transport, workplace making, retail design, a special panel moderated by MONOCLE founder Tyler Brûlé, live music, art and film, and other exciting activities.

KoS Art Picks 2014: "1 Percent" by James Perkins

One of our favorite new pieces this year; a sharp play on Occupy / economy commentary. This piece is composed of one (1) authentic Rolex Submariner watch, and ninety-nine (99) Counterfeit Rolex Submariner watches, lucite, steel, screws.  "1 Percent" was part of the "Speculation" solo show at Ace Gallery, Beverly Hills earlier this year.

©2014 James Perkins

©2014 James Perkins