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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018 Recap

Last week’s Stockholm Furniture and Lighting Fair at the Stockholmsmässan convention center was an incredible mix of new and old.  Scandinavian makers and manufacturers both large and small brought a wide range of products from up-to-the-second design as well as the ever sought after classics from the modernist to mid-century periods. Although there were exhibitors from some 60 countries, the 'Local' brands did their best to stand out on the cutting edge.

Carl Hansen & Sons 

The venerable furniture firm created a warm, intimate environment where their classic pieces such as the 'Y' (or Wishbone) Chair by Hans Wegner could shine.  Timeless details combined with new material and color way options keep these lines desirable and fresh.

Bruno Mathsson 

The 'Mia' (Mi407) steel and leather chair in vapor blue was the hit of the Bruno Mathsson stand with supple leather and chromed steel frame that carry this classic well into the 21st century.

The Royal System | Poul Cadovius

The Royal System® by Poul Cadovius represented by Danish firm dk3 is utterly timeless with brass struts that use no fasteners supporting oak or walnut shelves that seem to defy gravity.

Claesson Koivisto Rune for Offecct

Our friends over at Claesson Koivisto Rune have created a clever new chair called 'Jacket' for Offecct.  The seat-back emulates the shape of the human shoulder and complements any article of clothing one rests upon it.


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KoS Editor's Picks: House Wines & Beers

Here in Sweden, we are not so blessed as we were back in New York City, with the absence of independent liquor stores and government control of all things alcoholic.  Thankfully, Systembolaget, loosely translated as 'System-Company', is the only shop in Sweden that is allowed to carry products with more than 3.5% alcohol content.  It keeps up to the minute stocks of foreign and domestic beers, wines and a bit o'the brown stuff.  These are some of the brands we keep on hand at home.

Eskilstuna Ölkultur Dubbel IPA (8.7%) - Local craft beer here in Sörmland with a great notes of lemon, caramel, basil, thyme and pineapple in the form of a strong but fresh and hoppy IPA.  Look for more about Eskilstuna Ölkultur here in the future.  KoS Rating: 5/5

Daura Damm (5.4%) - Technically I found this beer back in Brooklyn (by accident) when I had mistaken it for Estrella Damm (Barcelona) Pure coincidence, it is produced by the same Barcelona brewery known worldwide, but with a Gluten-Free twist.  Fresh, clean and extremely drinkable.  KoS Rating: 4/5

Früh Koelsch (4.8%) - We're big fans of German Koelsch, so we were psyched to find an abundance Früh Koelsch at 'System'.  A mild but still very present beer that goes great with meat, fowl or fried dishes (like deep fried Brussels Sprouts, omg!) with a nice medium amber color and sharp, but frosty finish.  KoS Rating: 4/5

Roodeberg (14%) - Roodeberg is a tried and true brand from the Western Cape of South Africa.  It's varietal blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz make for an incredible combination, with notes of black currants, coffee and licorice.  We actually prefer the box to the bottle; with the built-in aerating tap, a perfectly poured glass is guaranteed every time.  KoS Rating: 5/5

Cantina Zaccagnini Pecorino (13%) - Cantina Zaccagnini Pecorino is a white wine from the fabled Abruzzo region of eastern Italy; yes from the same region where Pecorino cheese is made.  As it happens, the ewes, (female goats or 'Pecora') that produce the milk for Pecorino, have been known to eat the fallen grapes of the namesake vineyards.  No wonder the cheese and the wine of the same name go so well together! Often served with fresh rosemary, this makes for a fantastic combination.  Notes of yellow plum, pear, Galiamelon, herbs and almonds. Drink it with fish, vegetables and grilled fare, but it's great year round.  KoS Rating: 5/5

Krona o Stjarna 'TDL' Cotton Tote

Our 6oz. cotton totes are just the thing to ease back into the fall school season.  Summer's not quite 'over' it seems and the Swedish expression for "Chill Out" will help cooler heads prevail.  Available in Black and Natural.


Båstad: Summer Playground in Southern Sweden

2016 SkiStar Swedish Open

2016 SkiStar Swedish Open

Båstad on the southwestern tip of Sweden has long been a popular getaway and party capital to many Swedes and visitors from around the world.  Over a two-week period, with it's (actual) sandy beaches, hotels and b&b's, beautiful countryside and the SkiStar Swedish Open (Men's 7/10-7/17) and the Ericsson Open (Women's 7/17-7/24), it's a relaxed atmosphere where top tennis professionals come after the gravity of Wimbledon, where one can kick back and enjoy themselves.


There are many attractive options for lodging in and around the area, from the many quaint and cozy b&b's to small inns to larger more luxurious  hotels, most notably Hotel Skansen, which is located in the middle of the tournament grounds in Båstad.

Båstad Resort and Sports Complex

Båstad Resort and Sports Complex

What's on this week

The SkiStar Swedish Open is one of those unique venues that affords an intimate experience viewing top players close up in competition.  Hotels, shops, the marina and scenic beaches are a 'no-brainer' when it comes to a destination that thinks outside the tourism 'box'.

2017 Volvo V90 Estate Also Headed to U.S. Shores

We'll believe it when we see it...

Estate cars are now considered a 'niche' market here in the U.S.

While the 'Estate' platform is extremely popular in Scandinavia, its American 'wagon' counterpart is an otherwise stigmatized form factor that harkened back to the 60's and malaise-era 70's, and has had a hard time penetrating the seemingly unstoppable SUV market.  With a community predominantly located in the northeast, estate or 'wagon' owners tend to be an eclectic bunch and typically march to the sound of a different drum.

Volvo returns with the V90 that is a study in taste, style and elegance that may attract a part of the luxury SUV segment looking for more comfort, usability, stability, better emissions and consumption.  Taut exterior shapes and pale yet finely finished interior features make this a very strong package to consider; suffice it to say you may not see yourself at the traffic light. 

With a reported 410 bhp and 31-mile electric-only mode, the V90's capability only adds to the 'stealth' appeal of the luxury estate.