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Krona o Stjarna 'TDL' Cotton Tote

Our 6oz. cotton totes are just the thing to ease back into the fall school season.  Summer's not quite 'over' it seems and the Swedish expression for "Chill Out" will help cooler heads prevail.  Available in Black and Natural.


The Month of March

A Recap of our discoveries in March.

LeSportsac × BEAMS / Spring 2015

BEAMS Japan have collaborated with LeSportsac on a new bag line with a clever synthesis of a Native American motif and the BEAMS 'Jacquard' logo.   The range covers everything from the Extra-Large Weekender to knapsacks to card holders.  These lightweight, versatile and easy to maintain bags have the LeSportsac DNA that have made the company a fashion juggernaut in the late 70's, 80's and 90's.  BEAMs Co., Ltd, founded in 1982 continues to innovate with clever products and collaborations such as this.


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Image Courtesy Daniel Heer / ©  Achim Hatzius

Image Courtesy Daniel Heer / © Achim Hatzius

29 × 44 × 26 cm cowhide – bridle leather, nude

Swiss artisan Daniel Heer of Berlin-based Manufaktur HEER comes from a four-generation long tradition of saddle making (as well as horse hair mattress manufacturing) using traditional techniques blended with modern sustainable materials and design that make this one of the most desirable pieces for 2015.  Head over to MANUFAKTUR HEER for availability.