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Jaguar Announce 3 "New" Continuation Models

Jaguar have announced the 'Continuation' of three Heritage models.  The D-Type, the XKSS (McQueen drove one) and the XK-E Lightweight will have their remaining numbers fulfilled after a factory fire put a stop to production 60 years ago.  The last D-Type, for example, left the assembly line way back in 1956.  Using an archive of original drawings, details and methods, all remaining cars will be hand-built to period-correct detail. 

Kev Riches, Jaguar Classic Engineering Manager, said: “Recreating the nine D-type-derived XKSSs was hugely satisfying, and an even bigger technical challenge than the six missing Lightweight E-types, but lessons learned from the XKSS project have given us a head start on the final 25 D-types. Each one will be absolutely correct, down to the very last detail, just as Jaguar’s Competitions Department intended.”

Tim Hannig, Director, Jaguar Land Rover Classic, said: "The XKSS occupies a unique place in Jaguar's history and is a car coveted by collectors the world over for its exclusivity and unmistakable design. 

"Jaguar Classic's highly skilled team of engineers and technicians will draw on decades of knowledge to ensure each of the nine cars is completely authentic and crafted to the highest quality.” 

Not sure how this new release will affect the auction market, we can only assume the electrics will be updated spec, let's hope!

All images ©Jaguar Classic

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£65 million worth of Aston Martins unleashed at new St Athan plant | Aston Martin

Watch an incredible celebration of Aston Martin’s heritage, bringing together 28 very special Aston Martins with a combined value of £65 million in a film produced to celebrate the transfer of ownership of the three super hangars at St Athan. Enjoy the glorious sights and sounds of Aston Martins from the A3 to the DBR1, the One-77, numerous Vantages, Rapide S and of course the Aston Martin Vulcan, as they spread their wings at St Athan.

The Andrews Collection at RM Sotheby's: 1959 Lister-Chevrolet

RM Sotheby's has a very special example of British-American racing cars at auction today, Saturday, May 2--the 1959 Lister-Chevrolet.  This gorgeous machine (Chassis No. BHL / Engine No. 3789935) with lightweight aluminum "knobbly' body that many Lister cars are famous for, is mated to a 436 bhp Small-Block Chevrolet engine making for a potent combination back then, and we suspect so even today.  This cars holds lap records at Oulton Park, Goodwood and Spa, Belgium, has proper FIA paperwork and would make any serious collection complete.

$500,000-$650,000 (No Reserve)

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Images ©RMSotheby's / Andrews Collection


Image Courtesy Land Rover

Image Courtesy Land Rover

Land Rover celebrates almost 70 years of their stalwart Defender series.  The company will cease production of the model this year. First conceived by Maurice and Spencer Wilks in 1947, the Defender has served all aspects of private and professional life in various forms such as emergency and patrol vehicles, safari companions and as the evergreen mount of choice of the British Crown.  "Heritage", "Adventure" and "Autobiography" editions are available in very limited numbers (400, 600 and 80 respectively).  Sadly, ever-stringent emissions regulations have made the British icon all but obsolete; now about that LS2 engine swap...

--Howard Duffy, KoS

"Defender is the epitome of toughness, of ruggedness, of strength and most importantly of capability." 
-Gerry McGover, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer