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Official: Clarkson Hammond & May to Amazon Prime TV

Photo: The Times /

Photo: The Times /

After the now infamous "Fracas", mourning the end of the Clarkson era of BBC übershow Top Gear, and months of speculation, the lads have signed a three-year deal to do a nonfiction automobile show on Amazon Prime TV.  Also joining the crew will be former TG co-mastermind and producer Andy Wilman.  Wilman resigned from the BBC after co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May followed Jeremy Clarkson out the door.  Clarkson was fired from the BBC after berating and assaulting a producer during filming over dining arrangements (keep a Snickers handy, Jezza).

The trio (and Wilman) together turned what Clarkson at one time called 'a pokey little car show' into the largest viewership on the planet, with over 350 million weekly viewers in over 190 countries in various formats.  The show was famous for its classic British humor, double entendres, often controversial jokes and sophmoric antics of Clarkson mixed with great photography, soundtracks, races and challenges performed by the three all over the world.  The onscreen chemistry of the three hosts cannot be overstated.

Filming of the new series begins in the fall, hopefully we won't have to wait 5-9 business days after release of the first episode.

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