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How to be a Proper New Yorker: Tip No.4

Ask For Directions

We may have a map and a compass-like mind
Let's ask anyway, what we're trying to find

One may be a fantastic detective
but asking directions gives a different perspective

The locals know what's what and what's not
maybe that bar isn't really our kind of hot...

Get Lost

Using all our incredible senses
is not among life's biggest offenses

Let's put the smartphone away 
and wonder about, just stray

Explore and experience more!

Isn't that what we're all here for?

How To Be A Proper New Yorker: Tip No.3

Going underground

As we all know
when it works, the subway is the fastest way to go

This travel can be delicate
without some "proper etiquette"

The list of do's and don'ts is long
New Yorkers know what's right, what's wrong

We all agree our trip is eased 
when we're not squeezed, teased or in any other way displeased


Staying on top of it 

The most reliable way around town?
Walking! East, west, up and down

Focused, fast and checking our clocks
We're counting the street and avenue blocks

Eyeing the crosswalk countdown to zero
Our coat like the cape of a superhero

Stomping away on the bustling street
Thanking our terrifically trusted feet!

How to be a Proper New Yorker: Tip No.2

Know thy Neighbor

Say hello, talk about the weather or the mail
Eye contact, a smile, let's not just bail

Not only is this polite
but may be helpful that dark, rainy night

when we ring their doorbell and say “Please,
would you let me in? I forgot my keys”

And thy Neighborhood

If we're moving here or visiting from afar
remember, others have been where we are

Though we may feel like explorers in our newfound 'hood
the family down the street has been here since the Knicks were really good

Let's respect the exchange
between change and history's range

Each person with a different story
-- New York City's true glory

The New Yorker: 90 for 90

Venerable magazine and institution (whose subscription department once sent Marge Simpson a rejection letter, lol) celebrates its 90th birthday this year.  Various versions of the ever-present Eustace Tilley, that monocled aristocrat that has solidified the brand since 1925, is expressed by a host of new and returning cover artists for this issue.

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Credits: Top to bottom from left: Kadir Nelson, Barry Blitt, Peter Mendelsund, Carter Goodrich, Roz Chast, Anita Kunz, Lorenzo Mattotti, Istvan Banyai, Christoph Niemann