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Krona o Stjärna End of Summer Paracord Bracelets

©Krona o Stjärna

©Krona o Stjärna

We're celebrating the winding down of summer and looking forward to the cool, crisp weather of fall with two new colorways added to our paracord collection.  New designs feature Bright Yellow and a USA themed Red, White and Blue.  All come with polished 316L stainless steel shackle and are fully adjustable.


Krona o Stjärna 7-Strand 550 Paracord Bracelets

These handmade bracelets, made of genuine 7-strand 550 paracord and 316L stainless steel hardware now available at our online shop.  New colorways coming this month, stay tuned! (Pictured above clockwise from top left: Denim, 'Eye Candy' Neon Orange, Hunter Green, Red)

$25.00 ea.