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mahabis Larvik Classic Slipper

Pictured with Skåne Yellow soles

Pictured with Skåne Yellow soles

Krona o Stjärna is proud to have established an affiliate partnership with mahabis.

The mahabis classic slipper bundle contains their designed upper and a free pair of Skåne Yellow detachable soles. the classic upper is a sculpted slipper aiming for both comfort and minimalist style. lightweight, and finished with their neoprene cushion soft heel, the mahabis classic is easy to slip-on and off. combined with their detachable soles they form the ideal slipper for everyday adventures.  Other colorways available at



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Chef's Table Season One on Netflix

From isolated Patagonian islands to French Michelin three-star restaurants, chef Francis Mallmann celebrates his wild, open-fire cooking style.

This stellar culinary series on Netflix will exceed all expectations and assumptions about the seemingly over saturated food show format.  A cinematic and story-driven doc series, Chef's Table unveils the people behind the cuisine, their personal inspirations and connections from childhood to present.  While the six stories are all beautifully filmed and written, each chef brings forth their individuality and sense of purpose.  From Massimo Bottura's experiences in New York that ultimately brought him back to Italy, to Francis Mallman's Michelin 3-Star experience that drew him back to the rustic cooking techniques of his native Patagonia, to Swedish wunderkind Magnus Nilsson's reinterpretation of traditional Nordic cuisine, ultimately, memory is the common thread that strings these great stories together.  Chef's Table is a series that is not to be missed.


Image Courtesy Land Rover

Image Courtesy Land Rover

Land Rover celebrates almost 70 years of their stalwart Defender series.  The company will cease production of the model this year. First conceived by Maurice and Spencer Wilks in 1947, the Defender has served all aspects of private and professional life in various forms such as emergency and patrol vehicles, safari companions and as the evergreen mount of choice of the British Crown.  "Heritage", "Adventure" and "Autobiography" editions are available in very limited numbers (400, 600 and 80 respectively).  Sadly, ever-stringent emissions regulations have made the British icon all but obsolete; now about that LS2 engine swap...

--Howard Duffy, KoS

"Defender is the epitome of toughness, of ruggedness, of strength and most importantly of capability." 
-Gerry McGover, Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer

Sandqvist Oskar Blue Backpack

Deceptively large and functional equipment from Sandqvist Sweden.  

Blue rugged backpack with highly functional design in heavy 18oz cotton canvas. Straps and details in thick cognac brown tooling leather.  The body is comprised of two pieces of canvas sewn together. This method of construction was used in World War I military backpacks.  Bag has one interior pocket and adjustable leather side straps for easy compression. 


Dimensions: 30 x 42 x 18 cm, 22 L