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Nissan Heritage

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has launched an amazing website chronicling its illustrious 95-year history with stories, milestones, reference data and photography.  The various decades show clearly the evolution of the modern Japanese motorcar beginning officially in 1933 where Jidosha Seizo Co., Ltd., predecessor of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., was established in Yokohama with paid-in capital of ¥10,000,000.  Head over and see early versions of the GT-R, Fairlady Z as well as domestic (Japan) passenger vehicles and electric cars as well.  With all the beautiful images and history to pore over, its definitely NSFW.

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Chef's Table Season One on Netflix

From isolated Patagonian islands to French Michelin three-star restaurants, chef Francis Mallmann celebrates his wild, open-fire cooking style.

This stellar culinary series on Netflix will exceed all expectations and assumptions about the seemingly over saturated food show format.  A cinematic and story-driven doc series, Chef's Table unveils the people behind the cuisine, their personal inspirations and connections from childhood to present.  While the six stories are all beautifully filmed and written, each chef brings forth their individuality and sense of purpose.  From Massimo Bottura's experiences in New York that ultimately brought him back to Italy, to Francis Mallman's Michelin 3-Star experience that drew him back to the rustic cooking techniques of his native Patagonia, to Swedish wunderkind Magnus Nilsson's reinterpretation of traditional Nordic cuisine, ultimately, memory is the common thread that strings these great stories together.  Chef's Table is a series that is not to be missed.

Official: Clarkson Hammond & May to Amazon Prime TV

Photo: The Times /

Photo: The Times /

After the now infamous "Fracas", mourning the end of the Clarkson era of BBC übershow Top Gear, and months of speculation, the lads have signed a three-year deal to do a nonfiction automobile show on Amazon Prime TV.  Also joining the crew will be former TG co-mastermind and producer Andy Wilman.  Wilman resigned from the BBC after co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May followed Jeremy Clarkson out the door.  Clarkson was fired from the BBC after berating and assaulting a producer during filming over dining arrangements (keep a Snickers handy, Jezza).

The trio (and Wilman) together turned what Clarkson at one time called 'a pokey little car show' into the largest viewership on the planet, with over 350 million weekly viewers in over 190 countries in various formats.  The show was famous for its classic British humor, double entendres, often controversial jokes and sophmoric antics of Clarkson mixed with great photography, soundtracks, races and challenges performed by the three all over the world.  The onscreen chemistry of the three hosts cannot be overstated.

Filming of the new series begins in the fall, hopefully we won't have to wait 5-9 business days after release of the first episode.

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The Monocle Guide to Cozy Homes

A handbook for making a home that will stand the text of time, take knocks and scuffs in its stride—and where lives can unfold, children grow up, and dogs run wild. --Monocle

About This Book

This Monocle book tells us how to turn a house into a home. Both a practical guide and a great source of inspiration, The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes presents the interiors, furniture, and locations you need to know about along with portraits of the people who can make it happen. 

The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes celebrates the durable and the meaningful through a collection of homes that tell a story. Most architecture and interior books show houses polished to perfection, manicured to the extent that it is hard to imagine anybody actually lives there: they seem to miss the point that homes are meant to be inhabited. They should be able to take scuffs and knocks and to be part of a community, whether in a Chicago skyscraper or on Australia’s sunshine coast.

Available Soon in the USA



Midsommar - The most Swedish of Swedish Holidays

After the long dark winter, Swedes celebrate the summer solstice and the arrival of the midnight sun!  We eat, drink, sing, eat, drink, dance and drink some more!  Midsummer traces its roots to old pagan times and medieval observers of the Nordic Peoples recorded: "they gather in throngs on town squares or out in the fields to cheerfully enter in dance".  Through the ages, traditions and superstitions surrounding this celebration include saving your midsummer wreath until Christmas and soaking it in your bath as well as rolling around naked in the midsummer day dew -- both for health, of course!  Watch "Swedish Midsummer for Dummies" above to learn how to celebrate today.  GLAD MIDSOMMAR!        

Pitti Uomo 88 2015

Pitti Uomo kicks off this week with color and texture as the narrative for this summer.  Reintroduced patterns, weights and classic palettes rule the day at the what is arguably the most important platform for men's fashion and accessories. Held twice a year at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy, new and established design talents exhibit and launch new projects for international buyers to peruse and hopefully select for many of the world's leading retail companies. Pitti is the most widely known segment of the Pitti Immagine collection of fashion industry events.

Pitti Uomo 16-19 June, 2015

Visit: Fortezza da Basso, Viale Filippo Strozzi 1, 50129 Florence

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Photos ©Enrico Labriola / Vanni Bassetti / AKA Studio Collective

Garage Gorky Park by OMA / Rem Koolhaas

Garage Gorky Park, set to open Friday, June 12, is a result of a renovation of the abandoned 60's restaurant Vremena Goda (Seasons of the Year).  The concrete pavilion had laid dormant for over 20 years. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and his team at OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture) repurposed the 5,400m2 (55,000 sf) structure, creating exhibition galleries on two levels, a children's art center, shop, café, auditorium and staff offices. The design preserves original Soviet-era artifacts and elements (certainly a nod to adaptive reuse and sustainability) - including a large mosaic, original tiles and brick.  

The clever double-layer polycarbonate outer skin acts as a light filter with the 'party piece' being a pair of enormous vertically movable panels on either side of the building.

About the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Founded in 2008 by Dasha Zhukova, the institution is a place for people, art, and ideas to create history.

Through an extensive program of exhibitions, events, education, research, and publishing, the institution reflects on current developments in Russian and international culture, creating opportunities for public dialogue, as well as the production of new work and ideas in Moscow. At the center of all these activities is the Museum’s collection, which is the first archive in the country related to the development of Russian contemporary art from the 1950s through the present.

Garage Exhibitions spark engagement with art and culture while exploring issues of local and global relevance; Garage Education draws audiences of all ages through pioneering programs for both families and professionals; Garage Publishing makes major cultural texts available in Russian for the first time and innovates new publications related to Garage Archive, Exhibitions, and other activities; Garage Field Research invites practitioners to develop fresh perspectives on Russian art and culture; Garage Grants program supports young Russian artists and spearheads a range of activities that incorporate Russian artists into the global art community — all of which contribute to the Museum’s role as a multifaceted hub for arts and culture.

Garage is a non-profit project of The IRIS Foundation.-- ©2015 GMoCA

Photo Credits: 1-3, Vladimir Filonov / 4-6, OMA / 7-8, Nikolay Zverkov