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KoS Editor's Picks: House Wines & Beers

Here in Sweden, we are not so blessed as we were back in New York City, with the absence of independent liquor stores and government control of all things alcoholic.  Thankfully, Systembolaget, loosely translated as 'System-Company', is the only shop in Sweden that is allowed to carry products with more than 3.5% alcohol content.  It keeps up to the minute stocks of foreign and domestic beers, wines and a bit o'the brown stuff.  These are some of the brands we keep on hand at home.

Eskilstuna Ölkultur Dubbel IPA (8.7%) - Local craft beer here in Sörmland with a great notes of lemon, caramel, basil, thyme and pineapple in the form of a strong but fresh and hoppy IPA.  Look for more about Eskilstuna Ölkultur here in the future.  KoS Rating: 5/5

Daura Damm (5.4%) - Technically I found this beer back in Brooklyn (by accident) when I had mistaken it for Estrella Damm (Barcelona) Pure coincidence, it is produced by the same Barcelona brewery known worldwide, but with a Gluten-Free twist.  Fresh, clean and extremely drinkable.  KoS Rating: 4/5

Früh Koelsch (4.8%) - We're big fans of German Koelsch, so we were psyched to find an abundance Früh Koelsch at 'System'.  A mild but still very present beer that goes great with meat, fowl or fried dishes (like deep fried Brussels Sprouts, omg!) with a nice medium amber color and sharp, but frosty finish.  KoS Rating: 4/5

Roodeberg (14%) - Roodeberg is a tried and true brand from the Western Cape of South Africa.  It's varietal blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz make for an incredible combination, with notes of black currants, coffee and licorice.  We actually prefer the box to the bottle; with the built-in aerating tap, a perfectly poured glass is guaranteed every time.  KoS Rating: 5/5

Cantina Zaccagnini Pecorino (13%) - Cantina Zaccagnini Pecorino is a white wine from the fabled Abruzzo region of eastern Italy; yes from the same region where Pecorino cheese is made.  As it happens, the ewes, (female goats or 'Pecora') that produce the milk for Pecorino, have been known to eat the fallen grapes of the namesake vineyards.  No wonder the cheese and the wine of the same name go so well together! Often served with fresh rosemary, this makes for a fantastic combination.  Notes of yellow plum, pear, Galiamelon, herbs and almonds. Drink it with fish, vegetables and grilled fare, but it's great year round.  KoS Rating: 5/5

Krona o Stjärna "77|17" Active Line

Our new 77|17 active line is a look back and at the same time forward to comfort, sport, leisure, and ease.  Inspired by our early days of play, sport, and competition, 77|17 captures and magnifies those elements of comfort and simplicity.  Made of Tri-Blend cotton for breathability and durability, 77|17 promises versatility for whatever activity moves you.  Look for this line to expand as we head into summer.

77|17 Active Tee - $28.00

Photos ©Travis Gubernick Photography

KoS Hard iPhone Case

Surfaces, texture and color.  Our new hard cases protect your iPhone brilliantly with original photography from our various travels and experiences.  Available for iPhone SE®, iPhone 6®, 6s®, 6 plus® and 6S Plus®.  Made in the USA.


Cassette "SELF-TITLED" Sunglass in Charcoal & Ash Tortoise

Handmade from custom cellulose acetate produced specifically for The Hifi Collection. Cassette uses some of the sturdiest Stainless Steel Optical Spring Hinges on the market to provide superior durability.  The Hifi Collection frames are crafted on one of the finest production lines in the world alongside several other high-end boutique brands.

Their lenses are high-end CR-39 lenses. CR-39 lens properties include high abrasion resistance and high quality optical properties. "Self-Titled" is available this month for 20% off using our discount code "20off0503" when you make a purchase on the Cassette Company website.

Features: - Custom Cellulose Acetate Frame - Stainless Steel Optical Spring Hinges - CR-39 Lenses

Frame Size in mm (Lens Width x Bridge Width x Arm Length) - 50 x 20 x 142


KoS Co-Founder selected as The Cassette Co. Brand Ambassador

Photo:©Etu Evans

Photo:©Etu Evans

Krona o Stjärna Co-Founder Howard Duffy has been selected as Brand Ambassador for The Cassette Company, a forward-looking Idaho-based lifestyle eyewear company.  We will be partnering to promote the brand and its great products through sales announcements, social media and events we will be sharing with our audience in the weeks and months to come.

About the Cassette Company

The Cassette Company began in 2011 surrounded in the many outdoor arenas available in Idaho.  The idea was created within a local snowboard and skate shop, where we saw a serious need for an optics company that was priced reasonably compared to the un-obtainable pricing of other brands out there, yet still had the features and styling of the more expensive product the shop sold. 

Using the best materials is a way to produce the finest eyewear. But keeping true to the beliefs of why Cassette was founded is the most important piece of the puzzle. We believe that the eyewear that protects your eyes shouldn’t cost you more than the equipment your using. It should cost you an amount that is fair. This is the story of why we started, and this is the story we will remain true to. 

Northampton Sneaker Co.

"If sneakers were cars, ours would be an Aston Martin...Handcrafted over weeks, rather than mass manufactured."

Northampton Sneaker Co. create extreme-luxury handcrafted footwear entirely in the UK using traditional techniques and the finest materials.  They combine the modern street-style and comfort of athletic footwear with the incredible quality of traditional English shoe making.  Unadorned by stripes, lightning bolts or machine guns, the Northampton Sneaker has a discretely embossed tongue with evidence of any remaining labels or branding hidden inside the shoe itself.

Using the innovative and legendary Goodyear Welt, a process that involves stitching the sole and upper together rather than glueing, the Northampton Sneaker has a feel of sturdiness, permanence and craftsmanship turned up to "11". This traditional manufacturing technique combined with lightweight, cushioned soles brings a shoe of this design and visual impact up to the minute in terms of comfort, durability and most importantly, wearability.  These shoes require no break-in and can also be resoled, bringing a truly bespoke relationship to the wearer.

Crown Star Cars Collection

Limited series of 100% cotton tees featuring original photography by Krona o Stjärna from our 'Crown Star Cars' Collection.  Clockwise from top left: "Essémme", "Thirty-Three", "Turbo" and "Twenty-One".  Available in various colorways by series with printed label for added comfort.


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