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Krona o Stjärna Wireframe Tennis Line

The European grass-court season leading up to Wimbledon® is upon us, so we at Krona o Stjärna have been inspired to create the new Wireframe™ tennis t-shirt line. Based on the airy American Apparel sublimation tee, we have created a comfortable and stylish offering for tennis and sports enthusiasts of all ages; it's smart enough to dress up or down or be there in the fifth set of your finals match.  The Wireframe™ tennis line will be available in our e-shop on June 14th.

Northampton Sneaker Co.

"If sneakers were cars, ours would be an Aston Martin...Handcrafted over weeks, rather than mass manufactured."

Northampton Sneaker Co. create extreme-luxury handcrafted footwear entirely in the UK using traditional techniques and the finest materials.  They combine the modern street-style and comfort of athletic footwear with the incredible quality of traditional English shoe making.  Unadorned by stripes, lightning bolts or machine guns, the Northampton Sneaker has a discretely embossed tongue with evidence of any remaining labels or branding hidden inside the shoe itself.

Using the innovative and legendary Goodyear Welt, a process that involves stitching the sole and upper together rather than glueing, the Northampton Sneaker has a feel of sturdiness, permanence and craftsmanship turned up to "11". This traditional manufacturing technique combined with lightweight, cushioned soles brings a shoe of this design and visual impact up to the minute in terms of comfort, durability and most importantly, wearability.  These shoes require no break-in and can also be resoled, bringing a truly bespoke relationship to the wearer.

Krona o Stjärna End of Summer Paracord Bracelets

©Krona o Stjärna

©Krona o Stjärna

We're celebrating the winding down of summer and looking forward to the cool, crisp weather of fall with two new colorways added to our paracord collection.  New designs feature Bright Yellow and a USA themed Red, White and Blue.  All come with polished 316L stainless steel shackle and are fully adjustable.


The Monocle Guide to Cozy Homes

A handbook for making a home that will stand the text of time, take knocks and scuffs in its stride—and where lives can unfold, children grow up, and dogs run wild. --Monocle

About This Book

This Monocle book tells us how to turn a house into a home. Both a practical guide and a great source of inspiration, The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes presents the interiors, furniture, and locations you need to know about along with portraits of the people who can make it happen. 

The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes celebrates the durable and the meaningful through a collection of homes that tell a story. Most architecture and interior books show houses polished to perfection, manicured to the extent that it is hard to imagine anybody actually lives there: they seem to miss the point that homes are meant to be inhabited. They should be able to take scuffs and knocks and to be part of a community, whether in a Chicago skyscraper or on Australia’s sunshine coast.

Available Soon in the USA



Klein Tools 24" 5108.24 Deluxe Leather Bag

Klein Tools has been a stalwart in the professional tool business for almost 160 years.  Those who know the iconic canvas bags will want to upgrade to the full leather 24" Deluxe Bag.  This timeless piece of equipment is good to carry your gym stuff, makeup, chef's knives, camera lenses, drawings, maybe even your tin snips or monkey wrench.

Cat. No. 5108-24 (No. 5108-20 Pictured)

Price: $373.00

Product Features

  • Rugged tool bag made of extra-heavy leather.
  • Removable, padded shoulder strap.
  • Three-ply bottom with steel studs.
  • Retaining straps extend around bag for extra support.

Put a Spring in Your Step: Cole Haan LunarGrand Long Wingtip in Canvas

Cole Haan kicks off Spring right with the newest version of LunarGrand® in canvas. One of the best shoes around to stylishly cover the merciless New York streets, LunarGrand® is extremely comfortable, supportive and lightweight.  Baked-in Nike Air® technology will see to that.



Krona o Stjärna to partner with Royal Swedish Space Institute to increase supply of Crowns and Stars

Stockholm, April 1, 2015-


Lifestyle and Design company Krona o Stjärna have signed a 3-year agreement with the Royal Swedish Space Institute (Kungliga Svenska Rymdinstitutet) to explore outer space and keep secure the world's supply of Crowns and Stars.

"This is an ambitious undertaking, but the Institute's partnership with KoS will ensure a steady supply and further exploration of Crowns and Stars for decades to come." - Bengt Bengtsson, press secretary, KSRI, Stockholm

We at Krona o Stjärna are proud to be involved in such a worthwhile, important, and for that matter, rather stylish endeavor and look forward to bringing these precious gems, jewels, experiences and objects safely back to Earth and our ever-growing following around the world.

-Krona o Stjärna | Life, Style, Outerspace.™